Facebook’s Security is More Similar to Mobile Vault App’s Than you Think

Facebook is enhancing it’s security game, in similar ways to a mobile vault app. Facebook is on their way to launching their newest feature called Profile Guard. The reasoning for this new feature from the world’s largest social site is to protect members pictures. There has been an issue in India with people stealing and using others profile pictures. Which has led to Facebook members being concerned over their safety and privacy.

Profile Guard’s Features

  • Your Facebook friends will not be able to share or download your profile pictures.
  • You will no longer receive any random tags from unknown people
  • Assuming everything goes as planned, nobody will be able to take a screen shot of your profile pictures. As of now, this feature is only available on android devices.
  • Facebook will show a Shield Icon at the bottom of your profile picture surrounded with a blue boarder.

Facebook believes that the best part of their new security plan is the Shield icon and the blue boarder. They claim this feature has caused around a 75% reduction rate. Mainly because of the viewer seeing the security s

Mobile Vault App
Facebook security is similar to a mobile vault app.

igns as a major turnoff.

Security Within a Mobile Vault App

Protection on social media has become a necessity over the past few years. Due to the number of hacks from mindless

intruders with no respect for privacy. Even information on your very own phone may not be safe at times. Smart phone owners are encouraged nowadays to have their own mobile vault app to insure their information is safe and only you can see it. The great thing about using a mobile vault app is that they can store some of your social media data along with your personal media. Including iMessages, sms, videos, photos, etc. Everything you need to be protected can be done so through one of these apps.

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