iPhones Are a Decade Old But You Still Need a Mobile Security App

iPhone’s have now been in existence for exactly 10 years! The original iPhone came out June 29th, 2007. It is incredible how much work Apple has put into their product and the changes they’ve made. If you are an iPhone owner, you know how much progress has been made throughout the iPhones short life. A big thing that I’ve seen that’s set them apart is their app store and the way apps can be used on the phone. The interface is so simple and easy to use that it makes it hard to dislike. Their screen has been made so clear and easy to use, it gives you a great experience as a consumer. One flaw is the history of hacking they have to their cloud. It’s a safe bet to use a mobile security app to protect all your data even if your phone gets hacked.

iPhone and android have had quite a competition over the last several years. My honest opinion about it is that iPhones, plain and simple, are better. Even though they have a history of being hacked they still have better security and a better product. Androids sell many more devices but that’s partly due to the pricing differences between the two. I have been an owner of both devices before. I stayed with my android for about two weeks before I went back to the store and exchanged for an iPhone.

A Mobile Security App Can Save Your Private Info From Intruders

Although I believe the iPhone is a far better product, it doesn’t mean you can overlook the fact that they have been hacked before. I’ve used a mobile security app for the past 5 years now just to be extra protective over all of my information. Mobile security app’s have allowed me to store all of my information that is for my eyes only. It’s a great way to hide personal pictures, videos, notes and documents.

mobile security app
Secure your iPhone with a mobile security app.

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