Do you need to hide text messages?

Privacy is an extremely valuable thing in todays advanced world of technology. It feels like every day I hear about someone complaining about their information not being secure. If you are one of these people (as I am myself), take action! I started using a phone vault app to hide text messages, pictures, videos, iMessages, and Facebook conversation. They are stored in a private cloud that only I can view. Two of the best features these apps offer is the stealth mode and the security camera. Stealth mode allows me to hide the app icon so it doesn’t show up on my home screen. I am the only one who even knows that it is on my phone. The security camera snaps a picture if the password is entered incorrectly. They make this feature so you can see if someone is intruding in places they shouldn’t be.

Why you Should Hide Text Messages, Photos and Videos

Hide text messages
Use a vault app to hide text messages.

To be completely honest with you I don’t have anything to hide, I just love to have a sense of security when it comes to my personal information. Using this app doesn’t only hide text messages, it hides pictures of my wife and children. Along with other media that is only my business. So often you hear of someone’s phone getting hacked, so why even take a chance? It’s much better to be safe right off the bat than put yourself in a situation that you could have very easily avoided.

These vault apps have made their way into the iTunes store and google play since about 2012, and they are only getting more popular. A few years ago there was a scandal involving a young male leaking a bunch of nude celebrity photos, just by hacking into their phone. If anyone of these celebrities would have used a vault app, they easily could have avoided this embarrassing and unfair situation. It is worth it to hide text messages, photos, and videos because it is your information! No one else should ever see it besides you.

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