How a Vault App Can Save Your Relationship

My ex-girlfriend and I started dating back in 2006 before I ever thought I would need a vault app to hide my personal information. Fast forward about 8 years to a new world of technology including twitter, Instagram, Facebook, iMessages, snapchat, etc. It really just hit me one day how obsessed my girlfriend was with her phone. She would constantly be texting when we were together and showing all of her attention to her phone. This eventually rubbed off on me and I found myself having similar behaviors.

Using a Vault App is Always Beneficial

Vault App
Use a vault app to protect your cell phone.

It got to a point where I downloaded a vault app to hide all of my information from her god forbid she went through my phone. She probably had the same thing going on because she protected her phone like it was her child. We stopped interacting on an intimate and personal level, which is why we were so protective of all our information. The vault app hid all my messages, pictures, and videos.  So when she did eventually look through my phone she found absolutely nothing incriminating. Ultimately, we broke up, but not because of anything she found on my phone.

Technology has changed our world and definitely changed my relationship with my ex-girlfriend. It’s difficult to stay off of social media and limit text messaging because that is just how the majority of people operate today. My relationship with my ex-girlfriend was a learning experience for me. It taught me that many people are so caught up in their phone and social media presence that they forget about forming real face to face relationships with people. As long as iPhone’s, Androids, and social media platforms exist, these relationship problems will be relevant all over the world.

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